Mental Health Resources for Employers

The impact of Covid 19 on mental health can be felt in all areas of our day to day lives. Each person is impacted in a different way. During our November workshop we discussed area resources, ways to reach out for help and tools to help your business, yourself and your staff find supports. Below you will find our listing of resources for the East Kootenay region focusing on Creston, Cranbrook, Kimberley and the Elk Valley. While these resources are not an exhaustive list they a good starting point and can help you access referrals to supports as needed.

How to Get Started


- Confidentiality - keep it informative and not personal

- Consistency – all messaging should be the same for every employee


- Accessible – have resources posted in common highly visible areas

Have a few handouts available. Save resource links in your web browser for

quick access.

- Updated – review them regularly


- Schedule time: into staff meetings to talk about available supports

- Take the time: reach out to employees individually to ensure they understand

there are supports available

- Make the time: for follow up and debrief. Some days are more challenging than

others. When this happens, it is important to have a brief check-in at the end of shift

to check in on staff and gage team morale.

Immediate Resources

If you're looking for someone to talk to right away, here are five trusted resources providing mental health and substance use focused virtual support:

*if the situation is very urgent and someone is in immediate danger, please call 911*

310-Mental Health Support:

Call 310-6789 for emotional support, information and resources specific to mental health


Call 1-800-784-2433 if you are experiencing feelings of distress or despair, including thoughts of suicide

KUU-US Crisis Response Service:

Call 1-800-588-8717 for culturally-aware crisis support for Indigenous peoples in B.C.


Confidential, free counselling and referral services by app, phone or online chat for all registered post-secondary students. Here2Talk is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Speak to a counsellor on the phone at 1-877-857-3397

Alcohol and Drug Information and Referral Service:

Call 1-800-663-1441 to find resources and support

Educational Resources

De‐Escalating Emotionally Charged Conversations presented by JIBC

- How to handle and manage hostile situations that could arise between customers and staff, between staff or even between employee and employer

- Covid has been a dividing and polarizing time and many people hold many opinions that could affect your own or the well being of your employees, being educated on the cycle of anger and how to respond appropriately to protect yourself is crucial, especially during these times

- Can be provided to employers as a virtual live training, online with live/self-learning components or have a customized course delivered can contact:

Donna Caljouw

Program Manager, Customized Training

Centre for Conflict Resolution | Centre for Leadership

School of Health, Community & Social Justice

Tel: 604.528.5552 | Fax: 604.528.5640 |

*This course is available on contract or for individuals as a tuition course.

Canadian Mental Health Association Kootenays Bystander Training - FREE

This practical training will bring awareness and skills to our community members facing sexual violence, racial violence and other unsafe situations that involve interpersonal violence including physical and emotional and is meant to empower our communities to improve their assertiveness when intervening with concerning situations.

Location: Zoom

Friday December 3rd 10:00am-11:30am

Canadian Mental Health Association Kootenays - $20 per employee

This Customized to your Workplace Course Covers the Following

1. Talk about mental health in a workplace context

2. Consider an approach for supporting workers with mental health issues in the workplace

3. Talk about how to maintain our own mental health

4. What is stress/life stressors/indicators of stress

5. Tools and guidance to make changes to how we cope with stress/low mood and anxiety

6. Self-care

7. Learn about mental health resources

Contact Natalie Hake:


BSAFE™ is a new and FREE online health and safety training program for individuals and businesses in BC’s tourism and hospitality industry. Instill confidence amongst the general public to stay, dine, or shop at your local business. It's a free program supported by the Province of BC.

· Module 1 Understanding the Legal Context for COVID-19

· Module 2 Keeping Yourself and Others Safe

· Module 3 Keeping Records

· Module 4 Communicating with Your Team and Guests

· Module 5 Responding to Challenging Interactions (scenarios)

· Module 6 Handling Proof of Vaccination in the workplace

You can sign up for this program as an employer or as a worker. As an employer, you will receive a code upon registration which you can then share with employees. Workers can register, take the course, and receive a certificate that can be shown to employers. You can sign up whenever, it is an online course format.


Hubs for Resources

BC Hub for Workplace Mental Health

- This site provides sector specific resources for employers and employees. These training modules are varied in length and topic and can be applied by many sectors. For example, for the hospitality industry, you can browse through certification programs such as The Workplace CARE certification which can be accessed for free and provides training on how to identify stress, anxiety, disordered eating, and substance abuse as well as how to reduce stigma and provide support to those navigating these issues.

- There are also articles written by professionals for employers and employees to browse through for example, an article on how to support your staff as an employer that includes practical tips such as; checking in with them more often, setting appropriate boundaries, and how effectively acknowledge their feelings.

- The website is organized by sector, topic or by amount of time it takes to read/complete a course, this makes it super user friendly and lets the user decide how little or how much they want to access.

Wellness Together Canada

- Wellness together is a Government of Canada initiative created in response to the unprecedented rise in mental health concerns and substance abuse after the COVID 19 pandemic

- Wellness Together Canada is designed to be used on demand: you get to choose what you need, when you need it. Our services range from basic wellness information to one-on-one sessions with a counsellor, to participating in a community of support.

- The main pillars of service for Wellness Together are learn, talk, practice, track and connect. Under each of these headings, you can find various courses, articles, and exercises

- Alternatively, you can navigate the website topic by topic, which include managing low mood and worry, coping with stress, managing substance abuse, strengthening relationships or coping with COVID 19

Local and Regional Supports

*Anything starred is a regional support, available throughout the Kootenays

Cranbrook Food Bank

Community Connections Society of Southeast BC

Supports for children, families, adults and seniors. Including food programs, parenting resources, counselling, senior care and homeless outreach


Provides supports for harm reduction and education services, with supports in both east and west Kootenays

Healthy Kimberley

Food recovery depot and community supports for healthy living and eating

Kimberley Food Bank

Address: 340 Leadenhall St Phone: (250) 427-5522

*East Kootenay Addiction Services Society*

Outreach, education and counselling services – locations in Creston, Cranbrook, Kimberley Invermere, Fernie, Golden

Creston Valley Gleaners Society

Food bank

Kootenai Community Centre Society

Support services for children and families provides programming and safe housing supports

Fernie Salvation Army

Food services and support programs

Fernie Women’s Resources Centre

Support services for children and families provides programming and safe housing supports

Elk Valley Suicide Task Force

Advocacy, education and counselling services

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